MUNI ISMs Guidelines for HPCs

National Grid Gas customers with MUNI electric are eligible for many of the benefits of the Mass Save program, with some restrictions. This document should answer questions regarding eligibility for HEAs and ISMs, EER and Other, as well as some Weatherization measures.

Quick Rule of Thumb: The visit is the same in the home for all HEAs. Restrictions apply to rebates and financing for major appliances and mechanicals.


Gas-related ISMs

  • Boiler/furnace t-stats

  • Water fixtures for gas DHW

  • Programmable thermostats and installation

Electric-related ISMs

  • Unlimited bulbs

  • Max 2 power strips

  • Water fixtures for electric DHW

Gas-related Rebates & Financing

  • Early Boiler/Furnace Replacement rebates

  • Standard equipment replacement rebates

  • HEAT Loan for gas-fired boilers and furnaces


  • The customer is eligible for all weatherization recommendations, including duct sealing and insulation for Air Conditioning Systems.

Not Eligible:

Restrictions on ISMs, Rebates & Financing (for National Grid customers who heat with Gas)

  • No electric heat thermostats

  • No refrigerator or washing machine rebates

  • No rebates or HEAT Loan for A/C or Heat Pumps

Ineligible Customers

  • MUNI Electric customers who primarily heat with electric, propane or oil should be directed to their town for energy efficiency programs, even if they have National Grid Gas for cooking or other non-heat purposes (R-1 rate code).

  • Exception: MUNI Electric customers in a multi-family building who share an R3 account with another unit are not eligible on their own; however, all HEA, ISM and Wx recommendations can be made on the primary account holder’s projects.