HEA Inspection Fail Trends

Providing a great customer experience is every energy specialists goal. Abode has pulled inspection data from CMC and our own in-process HEA results and has identified three easy areas for quick improvement. These issues are not necessarily causes for a failed inspection, but they do impact the customer experience.

  1. Set appropriate expectations with the customer about the length of the inspection and what’s involved. This is a common complaint among customers when speaking with inspectors both during and after assessments. Customers often don’t seem to know how long the assessment is going to take and the extent of the diagnostic testing and evaluation procedures.

  2. Let the customer know which utility or utilities you’re representing. This helps connect your assessment to the sponsoring utility, building credibility for you and ensuring that the customer knows how program is funded.

  3. Let the customer know about wi-fi thermostats even if your company doesn’t offer them. Customers are increasingly aware of and interested in wi-fi thermostat rebates offered by the sponsoring utilities. As a representative of Mass Save, you’re responsible for ensuring that customers get all the information about the program. When discussing thermostats, be sure to let them know that there is more information about wi-fi thermostat rebates in their Mass Save folder and online.

As we continue to identify trends from inspections, we’ll be providing insights like this to help strengthen your assessments and the program. If a customer is ever interested in scheduling an inspection for their weatherization work, they can do so at www.AbodeEM.com.