Expedited Workscope Approval

As of December 18,2018 Abode has implemented a new enhancement to our expedited workscope approval process: Some weatherization projects will be auto-approved by Energy Savvy and be available to you immediately in the Scheduling stage.

This enhancement will reduce the amount of time spent in workscope approval, emphasize review of actual work completed, and allow for faster invoicing; however, it will also rely more on your internal tech review process to ensure best practices are followed. All projects must still pass weatherization approval, so please be aware of common issues found at workscope approval.

Here is a summary of issues identified over the past 2 months:

- Incomplete or Failing CST

- Incomplete workscope for Whole Building Incentive

- Incorrect air sealing hours or unclear why multiplier was applied-

- Multiple units not submitted at same time when WBI is offered

- Wrong paperwork attached to project

- Missing paperwork - disclosures or pre-wx forms/receipts

- Workscope on planview does not match contracted items

- Ineligible items

- Polyiso cannot be installed in a garage

- Certain attic measures (e.g., bath fan hose, roof vent, etc.) cannot be contracted unless the workscope includes attic insulation

- Wrong part selected for certain measures - "with A/s hours" and "without A/s hours"