Communication Update

Greetings from Abode!

We want to highlight some initiatives that we have been working on to better communicate program standards and updates with your teams, as well as to provide resources to better support your organization.

Field Guide

You may have seen our inspectors out in the field with a custom pamphlet that has about 95% of the nuances of the Mass Save program documented, organized, and accessible. These include every single rebate, a complete price book, how to run a CST or a tru-flow, the best way to treat a kneewall, and a whole lot more!

Just some context, at our office everyone has this booklet on their desk and just about every day someone flips through it to get a piece of information to help a customer/contractor.

Two things:

  1. If you like this booklet, as is, and think that it will benefit your entire organization, we have been given the green light for doing a large print run by National Grid. Please fill out this brief order form so we can get these distributed to your team.

  2. We are making the Word doc accessible so you can customize the booklet so all sections are relevant to your team. For printing, select Print on Both Sides / Flip pages on short edge and with a long reach stapler, you can staple it down the middle.

Program Updates

We have made some improvements to our website including having a “Program Updates” section where relevant updates are categorized by role.

Our goal in creating this is to have every change in the program both chronicled and accessible. We want to ensure that these changes/updates are shared with everyone and are not only being cataloged in the inbox of a former employee. We understand that some program updates could affect production or in some cases even morale. In those cases we will delay posting the updates onto the page until you have had ample time to communicate with your team.

Program Documents

We have also created a landing page on the website for all program documents.

This includes:

  • Standards and best practices

  • Abode program documents

  • Blank rebate forms

  • Expanded heat loan forms

  • Marketing guidelines and material

  • Memos

  • Additional resources

Lastly, we understand that there is still more work to do in unifying all of this information and ensuring that all Lead Vendors are thinking about these standards the same way. We look forward to working with you on that endeavor going forward, but for now, we hope that putting this trove of documents at your fingertips is a good start.