Change in Lead Vendor for towns bordering the Cape

There has been a recent change regarding the Lead Vendor for National Grid customers who live near the Cape, west of the canal. Energy Savvy won't be approving new applications under Abode for customers in these towns.

The following areas are in Cape Light Compact territory and can no longer be served by HPCs under Abode:

Bourne/Buzzards Bay - 02532

Sagamore Beach - 02562

Sandwich - 02563

To serve these customers, an HPC has two options. You can refer the customer directly to RISE, who will schedule them for an HEA with a RISE Home Energy Specialist. Alternatively, you can contact RISE to become one of their Home Performance Contractors, which would allow you to serve these customers yourselves (just not under Abode).

RISE continues to be the Lead Vendor for the rest of the Cape as well. Here is a list of all the towns that are served by CLC.