MassCEC Clean Energy Summer Interns

July 16, 2018



Since Launching Abode, we’ve utilized the MassCEC Clean Energy Internship Program for multiple interns.  Our first two, James from Northeastern and Andrew from Tufts, provided support at multiple levels as we built out new processes throughout our company.  Earlier this summer, we welcomed two new, full time interns. Amanda Xia and Aoife O’Shea hit the ground running in late May and added value from day one.  Now that we’re a little over half way through their internship, we realized we forgot to introduce them to our broader community.


Amanda and Aoife support multiple functions on our team, and hopefully they’re learning a few things along the way!  We caught up with them to learn more about what they do at Abode and beyond.


We're starting to look for our Fall 2018 Interns now.  If your're interested, please send your resume to  Only applicants eligible for the MassCEC program will be considered.



Amanda Xia


What are you working on at Abode?


I support the team by working on various projects, many that have allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of Microsoft Excel and Salesforce.  It’s also great learning about the management and operations side of a business. On a recent project, I got to do the initial build-out of an internal communication and project management tool, which was a lot of fun because I was working on something that I knew Abode needed and would use long beyond my time here.


What else are you wanting to do while at Abode?


I’d like to further develop practical skills while ensuring that my contribution to the energy efficiency program will ultimately impact the surrounding community in a meaningful manner.  I’m also really looking forward to working on some other analytics projects that are lined up to help evaluate program compliance and quality throughout the program. There’s a lot of data to work through and gain insights from.


Where do you go to school and what are you studying?


I’m a rising junior at Brandeis University, double majoring in Economics and Business with a minor in Health, Science, Society, and Policy.   I’m part of the club rugby team, I volunteer at the local after-school community center, and I give tours to prospective undergraduate students.  I also enjoy hiking, reading, swimming, or doing anything outdoors!


Aoife O’Shea


What are you working on at Abode?


I provide in-office support to program participants to ensure that our service level goals are met and that our program objectives are achieved in an efficient manner.  I assist the team with additional projects as needed, and I’m developing valuable skills in Salesforce and Excel. This position at Abode is a great introduction to the energy-efficiency industry as I explore how I can tailor my career path to unite my interests in business and sustainability to make a difference in the world.


What else are you wanting to do while at Abode?


There are lot of smaller projects that we’re working on, but one big project I’m really excited about is helping Abode become a certified B Corp.  I’ve studied B Corps quite a bit in school, so it’s great to have the opportunity to apply what I’m learning to a real world situation. It’s something that I think is really important and it’s great to be leading the initial efforts to help Abode achieve this goal.


Where do you go to school and what are you studying?


I’m a rising senior at UMass Amherst, in the Isenberg School of Business, studying Sustainable Business Management with a Natural Resources Conservation minor. I’m also a Co-Manager of a student run cooperative, which is really fun.  When I’m not working at the co-op, I’m spending time outdoors in Western Mass and travelling with my family.


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