Proof of Permits Required

Proof of pulled permits are required for all National Grid Wx jobs beginning July 2nd

  • EnergySavvy has added in the permit affidavit along with a field to upload permit documentation on the weatherization project. This will be a required field starting on July 2nd.

  • Air Sealing only contracts do not require a permit.

  • Permit fees were rolled into the last price increase last August, there is no line item for permits anymore.

The following are acceptable forms to move through the Wx approval process:

  • Building Permit

  • Copy of Permit Application

  • Receipt for Permit

  • Other Proof of Permit Application

  • Signed Statement that a permit isn’t required.

  • Statement will be auto-generated out of EnergySavvy for every weatherization project (not premise) and include the project ID.

  • Digital signatures are allowed, however, they but must be actual signatures, not typed signatures.

There will be a delay in implementing the new proof of permit policy for Line Voltage Thermostat only contracts.