New Bulb Types (Woo-hoo)

New Filament Candle Style LED

The new 4W and 3.5 filament style candle LED should only be installed in visible fixtures. The standard 5W candle LED should be used in areas where you can not see the bulb.

LED Recessed Light Trim Kit Overview

Mass Save now offers LED Trim kits to help air seal recessed light fixtures from the interior.


  • Install fee is $7.00 per kit

  • Trim kit includes the fixture and LED bulb

  • Trim kits are to be installed when replacing incandescent bulbs in recessed fixtures in ceilings under unconditioned attic space

  • Not eligible if exiting bulbs are LEDs or CFLs

  • Trim kits are intended to air seal recessed lights under unconditioned attic space, However, if you are installing them in a room that has both unconditioned and conditioned space above, you can replace all bulbs in that area with the trim kits or to satisfy customers’ aesthetic appeal.

  • Same rules apply for weatherization work – Recessed lights must be dammed off, and no insulation blown over them. Recessed light box covers are not needed

  • It is important to select the correct line item for proper savings. See below for which item to choose in EnergySavvy

  • LED 4” TRIM KIT- Attic space above

  • LED TRIM 4” TB*- Installed within the thermal boundary

  • LED 6” TRIM KIT- Attic space above

  • LED TRIM 6 TB*- Installed within the thermal boundary

*TB = Thermal Boundary - Installed within the thermal boundary with conditioned space above