2018 Rebates Update

The most current list of rebates can be downloaded here.

• We removed the separate landlord incentives for EBR/EFR and are only offering 1 incentive but we increased that incentive amount slightly. • Wireless T-stat levels were updated to the $100 and $125 based upon manufacturer

• Added a 95% Propane Hot Water Boiler Incentive • On-Demand Propane Rebate was reduced to $600 • Please use the following terminology for propane on-demand water heaters: ENERGY STAR® Qualified Propane On-Demand Tankless Water Heater, UEF>=0.87 • New requirements for early washer: EnergyStar no longer required, top loaders now allowed, new efficiency requirements (IMEF >= 2.76 and IWF <= 3.2) • Please use the following terminology for early washer: The new clothes washer you purchase must have an Integrated Modified Energy Factor (IMEF) of 2.76 or higher and an Integrated Water Factor (IWF) of 3.2 or lower. • Early Washer Timing: • We will we honor the pre-qualification forms we are currently giving customers now (with the old IMEF/IWF/EnergyStar requirements) through 2018, but customers with old forms also have the option to meet the new requirements (for customers who want top loaders). • We will start distributing the new forms on January 1st, 2018, so the new requirements should be effective on that date.