Close-out weatherization inspections

Abode is now providing HPCs with the opportunity to ensure that the projects your most proud of get inspected. Using our new request form, you can pick many of the projects that are inspected by Abode. Our goal is to be on site about an hour before a job is concluded. This will allow for an initial walk-through where easily addressed issues can be identified before a crew has packed up. This should reduce the number of call backs and improve the customer experience as well. Once the crew has cleaned up, Abode will observe the final CST and blower door test. With safely passing scores, the crew will wrap up with the customer and depart from the site. Abode will then conduct a final inspection of all installed measures and implement the customer satisfaction survey. Final inspection reports will be made available to HPCs every month, if not sooner.

This pilot has already demonstrated improvements for many HPCs, and we're excited to make if available to all HPCs.