Please find the best heat pump for your project on one of the following lists:
The most up-to-date product list can be found at:

Qualifying equipment

  • Single Zone Mini Split: HSPF: ≥ 10, SEER: ≥ 18, Capacity Ratio (17°/47°): ≥ 56%

  • Central Heat Pump, Multi Split Systems, and Ducted Mini Split: HSPF: ≥ 9.5, SEER: ≥ 16, Capacity Ratio (17°/47°): ≥ 56%

Prior to contracting, customers and contractors should confirm rebate amounts and equipment eligibility with the MLP electric utility provider for the install site, as rebate amounts and equipment eligibility varies across MLPs and may not be accurately reflected in the guidelines on Abode Energy Management's website.

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