Attic Flat and Slope

Top plates air sealed

Attic insulation installed with depth ruler

Vent chutes installed (with active soffit vents)

Attic access air sealed and insulated

Chimney/mechanical chases air sealed

Wet wall/plumbing chases air sealed

Starting condition of the attic space

Test-out manometer with Project ID on COC in the background

Test-out of heating system stack CO on combustion analyzer with Project ID on COC in the background

Heating and DHW equipment (standing back 10-15')

Rim joist sealed

Existing Conditions of Crawlspace

Polyiso installed, taped, and sealed

Cavity insulation before polyiso

(If present) Water lines, hydronic heating pipes, plumbing traps boxed

Rim joist sealed and insulated

Foundation walls insulated, taped, and sealed

Ground moisture barrier installed

Existing Conditions of Crawlspace

Ducts sealed