Why you should switch to solar hot water today

  • You can claim tax credits from both the state and federal government for purchasing a solar hot water system

  • Massachusetts is currently providing solar hot water rebates of up to $4,500 

  • Solar hot water systems can reduce your water heating costs by 50 to 80% 

  • Installing a solar hot water system helps protect you from rising energy costs

  • Solar hot water systems run on 100% clean, renewable energy 

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How much does it cost to install solar hot water?

The cost of installing a solar hot water system can vary depending on the size of your system, incentives, and more.


In 2017, property owners in MA paid an average of $12,025.81 for a solar hot water system. Prices for solar hot water systems largely depend on how many solar collectors you install, as well as the size of your storage tank. Your hot water demand helps determine the tank size and number of collectors your system requires. In general, most homeowners can expect to pay somewhere between $11,000 to $13,000 for a solar hot water system.

These numbers are not taking into account available rebates; state rebates available from the Mass CEC (up to $4,500), the federal investment tax credit (30%), and the state tax credit (up to $1,000) can help to substantially lower your cost for a solar hot water system.

Why do you need a site visit for a quote?

When it comes to installing solar hot water systems, there is no "one size fits all" solution: the requirements of your installation (and therefore, costs) depend on the specifics of your home. For an accurate quote, we advise inviting a professional installer to visit your home.